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What is EpiPen®?

EpiPen® has been trusted for over 25 years to treat severe allergic reactions.

The EpiPen® Auto-Injector is a disposable, pre-filled automatic injection device that administers epinephrine in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

EpiPen® contains epinephrine, a medication that can help decrease your body’s allergic reaction by:

  • Relaxing the muscles in your airways to make breathing easier
  • Helping to reverse the rapid and dangerous decrease in blood pressure
  • Relaxing the muscles in the stomach, intestines and bladder

Simple-to-use design

In 2010, EpiPen® was re-designed to make it easy for you to use in a severe allergic emergency.

We have:

  • Increased the size of the instructions to make them easy to read.
  • Altered the shape of the body, to make it easy to grip.
  • Changed the needle cover to a bright orange colour and labelled it "NEEDLE END" for quick and easy orientation.
  • Made it easy to access EpiPen® in an emergency by adding a flip-top cap to the carrier.
  • Added an orange needle cover that automatically extends to cover the injection needle once EpiPen® is removed, ensuring the needle is never exposed.