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Image of the EpiPen® Waistpack

Our waistpacks are designed to hold your EpiPen® Auto-Injector and keep it close at hand. Choose one of seven designs: plain black, race car, butterfly, rocket ship, soccer star, cosmic kitty, unicorn.

Image of the EpiPen® Training Kit

Training Kit*
Each kit contains a guide to getting started with EpiPen® and an EpiPen® Trainer to help you, family, and friends learn how to use EpiPen®.

Image of the EpiPen® Organization Kit

Organization Kit*
Each kit contains bilingual instruction sheets, an educational poster, and an EpiPen® Trainer to help your organization prepare for severe allergic emergencies.

* Only one kit can be ordered per year per address. 
† The EpiPen® Trainer works the same way as the real EpiPen® Auto-Injector but does not contain a needle or epinephrine. The Trainer is easily distinguishable from the real auto-injector: The label clearly states “Trainer” and is grey.
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Enter the lot number found on your EpiPen® Auto-Injector or packaging.

Where to find the lot number on your Epipen® Auto-Injector: EpiPen® with a spotlight on the lot number location. Lot numbers appear on the side of the auto-injector, near the bottom.
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Plain black
Race car
Limit of one EpiPen® Waistpack per household.
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